Pleat Blouse White ~ nygårdsanna



Pleat Blouse White ~ nygardsanna


Vintage inspired blouse in ramie cotton. Decorative pleats and shell button closure at front. Full-lenght sleeves with gatherings at the shoulder and wide cuffs. Back yoke with gatherings and normal fit.


56% ramie, 44% cotton


56% ramie 44% cotton

Ramie is like a little sister to linen. The fibres are a bit lighter and thinner, but the most appealing and sympathetic aspect is that it is a weed growing where nothing else will. It does not need lots of water or pesticides and is considered an important material for the future from an environmentally friendly point of view. Mixed with cotton the material has a softer hand feel and is more durable. The material will wrinkle as beautifully as linen and we recommend you not to iron this material. It will get the perfect look tumble dried on a low temperature or drying on a hanger. Remember to wash at a low temperature and use washing detergent for silk now and then to keep the material soft. If washed too hot and with too strong washing detergent the material will get brittle and break if wrinkled or folded repeatedly in the same place.